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The past, present & future of SP Concert

For many reasons SP Concert is one of the most experienced, adventurous and desperate promoters in the unpredictable and risque field of new Russian show business, at least in St. Petersburg and beyond. During its longing enough lifespan SP Concert has proved that operates equally well both in promoting stadium shows of rock stars and newcomers gigs at small venues/ Hiring not only well educated professionals but people who are in touch with music by their own life, company started with Rolling Stones declared slogan Its Only RocknRoll, but now considerably extended its artistic  frameworks, doing it well not only with strictly Rock but also Jazz, Blues, Classical, Experimental, Ethnic etc, and promoting any kinds of talented artists from the West, East and somewhere in between (especially Russian) In short, SP Concert maintains everyone, who is moving and cooperates with everybody, who is burning.

SP Concert started as the first non-state controlled concert organization, which stood out from Soyuztheatre association in 1988 under the name The Night Theatre.

1993 SP Concert went fully independent company and made its debut, arranging four day lasted rock festival White Nights Of St Petersburg in Berlins Tranenpalasst (famous as former check point between East and West parts of the city). It was possibly the most adventurous gig in the whole artistic history of SP Concert as about fifty first-rate Russian pop and rock star including DDT, TELEVIZOR, TAMBOURINE, DANGEROUS NEIGHBOURS and many more were delivered by army aircraft directly from St. Petersburg to East Berlin!

The roster of the Russian artists whose concerts were arranger and promoted by SP Concert looks like the index of Rock Encyclopedia: AQUARIUM, MASHINA VRYEMENI, DDT, ALISSA, CHAIF, ZEMPHIRA, LUBEE, CHIZ & Co, KOROL & SHUTE, AUKZYON, VOSKRESENIYE, SPLEAN, AGATHA CHIRSTIE, ARIA, VOPLI VIDOPLYASOVA, PICNIC, ZEMLYANE, PILOT, Garyk SOOKACHEV & NEPRIKASAYEMYE, Zhanna AGOOSAROVA, Konstantin NIKOLSKY, Muslim MAGOMAYEV & Tamara SINYAVSKAYA, Maxim LEONIDOV, Sergey PENKIN, Gregory LEPS, Vachtang KIKIABITSE, Nanee BREGVADSE, VALERIA and many others: most of this artists prefers to deal exclusively with SP Concert.

SP Concert were involved in partnership with many foreign artists like Emir Custurica & NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA (twice), Nick CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS, Peter Hammill (ex-VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR), URIAH HEEP,  NAZARETH, Goran BREGOVIC & WEDDING AND FUNERAL BAND, SUPERMAX, BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB & Omara Portuondo, Ronnie James Dio, BLOODHOUND GAND, U.D.O. and many more.

Starting with White Nights Of St Petersburg in Berlin SP Concert is tending to promote not only the single actions of sole artists but big scale evens of city and even state importance like Festival of St.-Petersburg Ballet  Art in Finland Ballettivieraily Pietarista. SP Concert was one and only promoting company in St. Petersburg that took risque of promoting world famous Efes Pilsener Blues their fruitful relationship lasts for five years. Also SP Concert supports two-day musical summit of APosition experimental arts in State Academic Capella, promoting own established New Names Proryv (Breakthrough) Festival,  Memorial Festival of 50th Anniversary of Mike Naumenko, sadly passed hero of Russian Rock. Some of the SP Concert promoted gigs were at Mariinsky Theatre, Mussorgsky Theatre of Opera and Ballet Arts etc. Of interest was that SP Concert promoted influential for the whole country 4th S.K.I.F. Festival at Baltic Arts House and Jazz At Pyetropavlovka Open Air Festival.

As it was mentioned above, SP Concert is located in St. Petersburg but operates all over the country and abroad.

In spite of its mellow age SP Concert is one of the most dynamically developing companies on Russian show-business market. It never afraid of new streams or possible misfortune and try as much as possible approach our too long staying on start show-business to the international standards. SP Concert is trying to find for itself and for the public new names and projects, with a great pleasure cooperates with everyone, who shares its point of view to the future of musical market in Russia.

With best wishes and kind regards to the eternal chairman of promotion company SP Concert Igor Grishin, to all his co-workers and partners,


Our services

1. Concerts of modern touring artists and bands as from Russia, as abroad on the biggest venues in Russia as Lyedovy Dvorets (Ice Palace), Octyabrsky Concert hall, Jubeleyny Sport Palace in St Petersburg; Kremlin State Palace, House of Music, Forum-hall in Moscow; some smaller venues as in St Petersburg (State Music Hall, Lensoveta Culture Palace, State Capella etc), as all over the Russia;

2. Festivals with big roster of the best Russian an foreign artists and bands;

3. Corporative parties and brand-promoting events (like Efes Pilsener Blues Festival);

4. Advertising campaigns (from planning to carrying out); designing and printing of any kinds of posters; production of TV and radio spots and jingles;

5. Public relations: PR campaigns; opinion-polls and others researches; evaluation of PR-campaigns effectiveness; publicity; interviews with stars; press conferences, autograph parties; contacts with mass media; accommodation of advertising, video clip and jingles in mass media; negotiations with corporative clients, investors, sponsors;

6. Promoting of tours all around Russia and close neighborhood countries for foreign and local artists;

7. Full technical support for concert gigs and tours (PA, light, decoration, special effects, etc.);

8. All relations with management and technical crew at venues, chosen for the gig; fulfillment of any reasonable rider condition; transporting; hotel booking; nutrition of artists and their crew;

9. Concert programs booking both for foreign, Russian and local artists.

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